Chapter Update: Rush 2017

Rush began the first day of the Spring Semester and concluded with bid day on January 28. Tennessee Zeta picked up 19 freshmen and 1 sophomore bringing a total new member class of 20. All were initiated on February 1, 2017.

The chapter now has a total of 76 active members.

The chapter also elected 3 sweethearts for (unfortunately we had not been informed by nationals until after the fact that only 1 is allowed): Lizzie Wood, Maja Roglić, and Francis Chandler.

Here is a list of the new members and their home towns:

  1. Matt Cleary Wellmington, DE
  2. Sam Cloyd Little Rock, AR
  3. Joe Ferrante Huntington, MD
  4. Owen Galvin Memphis, TN
  5. Preston Giroux Athens, GA
  6. Henry Hay Charleston, SC
  7. James Hoots Winston-Salem, NC
  8. Ethan Houley Baltimore, MD
  9. John Kemmerly New Orleans, LA
  10. Carter King Habersham, GA
  11. Nick Langford El Paso, TX
  12. Will Lawler Chicago, IL
  13. Kent Leafstedt San Antonio, TX
  14. Matt McKenney Chattanooga, TN
  15. Addison Mueller Philadelphia, PA
  16. Jake Nestlehutt Atlanta, GA
  17. Quinn Ritchie Baltimore, MD
  18. Matthew Uprichard Greenville, SC
  19. Tommy Weaver St. Louis, MO
  20. Zach Winograd Orlando, FL